"I can always count on Mena to catch the most captivating images. If you want photographs you'll cherish forever, full of artistic detail, life, love, passion & creativity, then you want Mena."

     -Adrienne Canterna, with The Bad Boys of Ballet and Bad Boys of Dance and Semi-Finalist on America's Got Talent

"Mena is naturally talented, accessible, and fast. She wants her clients to be comfortable and puts their comfort and vision first. As an art director, these are very important qualities to me. If you can work with someone warm, someone who supports your distinct vision for your brand, and someone who can deliver files quickly and efficiently, why wouldn't you?"

     -Eve White, CityDance Branding and Art Director

"Mena is a wonderful person and a joy to be around. Her photography is beautiful! Capturing dance shots is no easy feat, but Mena has a great eye for it as well as fantastic timing."

     -Brooklyn Mack with The Washington Ballet

"When working with Mena I was able to be the free artist and collaborate with her keen eye...it has always been an inspiring moment for me. I consider her work par excellence."

     -Atilla Joey Csiki with An American in Paris and Lar Lubovitch Dance Company

"Mena has a brilliant way of capturing moments of not only dancing, but interactions with different dancers in the cast, some of which I didn't even realize were happening! Her results were absolutely amazing. I found so many beautiful moments captured with not only my partner, but what she created from a single shot was stunning. The editing of some of the pictures was so unique and unlike any dance pictures I have had done in the past. I always enjoy Mena's company in the studio. I feel that she brings a certain energy with her, and she absolutely motivates everyone in the room to dance to their fullest potential."

     -Kenny Corrigan with The Bad Boys of Dance

"Mena makes you feel very comfortable so the pictures come out looking very natural. The pictures were all so beautiful that we had a hard time choosing which ones to print. And the printed pictures look even better than they do on the website."


      -Lynnette G.

"Mena is truly wonderful to work with! She is passionate about her work, has great ideas, and also accommodates ideas from her clients. I always look forward to shooting with her, and treasure the photos I have from our past photo shoots."

     -Kaitlyn Potts with Utah Regional Ballet

"I was honored to have Mena photograph my benefit concert No One Can Survive Alone. Not only is Mena an excellent photographer, but she is also wonderful to work with. She understands how to photograph dance and so gets many breathtaking shots. Thank you for capturing so many beautiful moments."

     -Maggie Kudirka, The Bald Ballerina

"I recently had a book published "All In" and needed a cover photo, without hesitation I went to Mena because I knew I could count on her for a gorgeous picture!"

     -Tim Colley, Author of "All In: My Amazing Journey as a Dance Dad"

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